In 2023, Global Cold-Pressed Juice Production Will Be 40868 K L

1. Cold-pressed juice is made via high pressure processing (HPP), with better flavor and more complete nutrition compared with other juice. This kind of beverage is famous in USA and gradually spread to Europe. Owing to its unique production method, cost of cold-pressed juice is high and sales price is expensive. Major consumers are the middle class and rich people. Compared with men, women tend to more like cold-pressed juice.
2. Currently, market concentration in this industry is not high. Considering product shelf life is limited, company sale cold-pressed juice in their own-store. Also, manufacture process is mature and raw material source is abundant, more and more companies enter this industry. Currently, there are many suppliers such as The Naked Juice, Hain BluePrint, Evolution Fresh, Suja, Liquiteria, Hoogesteger, Juice Generation, Pressed Juicery, Rakyan Beverages, Village Juicery, The Cold Pressed Juicery, Greenhouse Juice, Organic, Organic Press, Kuka Juice, Native Cold Pressed Juices and Plenish Cleanse etc.

3. Global major production regions are USA and Europe. In 2016, USA cold-pressed juice revenue was 249.26 Million USD. Europe cold-pressed juice revenue was 74.93 Million Europe. Global total revenue of cold-pressed juice increased from 283.06 Million USD in 2012 to 453.33 Million USD in 2016, with an average increase rate of 9.87%.
4. Owing to limited shelf life of cold-pressed juice, suppliers sell their product in local. Also there exists no trading between different regions. Depending on abundant raw material resource and mature manufacture process, suppliers can set their stores all over the world.
5. In the future, we predict that there will be more and more suppliers in this industry. In 2023, global cold-pressed juice production will be 40868 K L, also global production growth rate will be 8.63% from 2018 to 2023. By 2023, global revenue will be 671.27 Million USD.