Jet Engines Industry Market Analysis

There are 4 key Jet Engines manufactures in the world, global Jet Engines production will reach about 10348 Units in 2016 from 6826 Units in 2011. The average growth is about 8% from 2011 to 2016. Jet Engines production main focus on USA and Europe, Jet Engines production took about 98%, Europe Jet Engines production took about 41% of total market in 2015, USA Jet Engines production took about 57%
Global demand of Jet Engines has maintained steady growth, the growth rate is around 8%, and similar to production growth. Jet Engines major type is Turbojet Engine, Turbofan Engine and Turboprop Engine. Downstream applications field include Commercial Aircraft and Military Aircraft, these industries development rapidly, this industries demand for fastener and shaped pieces are constantly increasing, indirectly stimulating the market demand of Jet Engines, and stimulate the development of Jet Engines industry.