The best growth opportunities for the fuel additives are in the GCC and Asia Other region

In global market, the sales of fuel additives varied from 443 K MT in 2012 to 274 K MT in 2016, at a CAGR of more than -11.31%. In 2016, the global fuel additives market is led by Europe, capturing about 40.44% of global fuel additives production. North America is the second-largest region-wise market with 39.31% global production share.

At present, the major manufacturers of fuel additives are Chemtura(LANXESS), Baker(GE), Dorf Ketal, Systems Separation, Magna Group and Martin Marietta etc. Baker (GE) is the world leader, holding 23.39% sales market share in 2016.

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The best growth opportunities for the fuel additives are in the GCC and Asia Other region. In 2016, GCC region fuel additives consumption is 56.1 K MT, with a consumption share of 20.47%. Rest Asia region is the largest consumption region, especially Singapore, which is an important trade port. In 2016, Rest Asia region consumed 41.86% of global total consumption.

In application, fuel additives downstream application is electric power, vessel bunkering and others. Globally, the electric power consumption market is mainly distributed in GCC. Vessel bunkering is the largest application field of fuel additives. In 2016, vessel bunkering application share is 71.42%.

In the future, global market is expected to decrease slowly. In 2023 the consumption of fuel additives is estimated to be 489 K MT. Electric power consumed fuel additive tend to decrease greatly in the future.

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