North America Demand Of Tahini Will Increase To 62462 MT In 2017 From 48660 MT In 2012

Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds. There are two major type of tahini based on the raw material: hulled tahini and unhulled tahini. Tahini is usually used as a basic ingredient in the recipes of Paste & Spreads, Halva & Other Sweets and Sauces & Dips.

Owing to the high dependency of raw material, the production and price of tahini are easily effected by the sesame seeds production. United States sesame production is little and it mainly depends on importing from other countries.

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Haitoglou Bros, Prince Tahini, Al Wadi Al Akhdar, Dipasa, A.O. Ghandour & Sons, Sesajal, Mounir Bissat, Sunshine International Foods, Arrowhead Mills and Joyva are major market participants in North America. However, they did not occupy a large share of the North America market because there are too many tahini manufacturers around the world.

North America demand of tahini will increase to 62462 MT in 2017 from 48660 MT in 2012. It is estimated that supported by downstream industries, North America demand of tahini will keep increasing with an average growth rate of 2.75% in the coming six years.

We tend to believe that this industry still has a bright future, considering the current demand of tahini. The product price will keep a stable trend in the next five years. Similarly, there will be fluctuations in gross margin.

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