Gliders Are Expected To Grow At A CAGR Of 4.76% From 71.61 Million USD In 2017

A glider is a type of glider aircraft used in the leisure activity and sport of gliding. The unpowered aircraft use naturally occurring currents of rising air in the atmosphere to remain airborne. Gliders are aerodynamically streamlined and are capable of gaining altitude and remaining airborne, and maintaining forward motion.

The Gliders are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.76% from 71.61 million USD in 2017 to reach 103.87 million USD by 2025 in global market. The Gliders market is very concerted market; the revenue of top thirteen manufacturers accounts about 91% of the total revenue in 2017. The high-end products mainly come from Europe.
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The leading manufactures mainly are Schempp-Hirth, Alexander Schleicher, Dg Flugzeugbau, Allstar Pzl Glider and Lange Aviation. Schempp-Hirth is the largest manufacturer; its revenue of global market exceeds 23% in 2017. The next is Alexander Schleicher and Dg Flugzeugbau

Geographically, the global Gliders market has been segmented into North America, Germany, RoE, and RoW. Germany held the largest share in the global market, its revenue of global market exceeds 64% in 2017.

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